Brands & Businesses

We know that smaller brands, businesses or designers may struggle to find factories that offer a low minimum, so here, we don't have minimums. We have made 1 of each garment and we have made 40, and thats across sizes and colours. If you are a new or emerging brand, speak to us. We'll do our best to help and won't make you place large orders. 

I still have a business card that was given to my mum by one of her clients back when she was running this studio in the 80's/90's. On the reverse of this card she wrote Jenny Packham's telephone number for my mum to call for extra work. Back then, nobody knew who she was. She used to come over with her first ever designs and help my mum cut and prepare the fabric.

Everyone starts somewhere. 

Bulk Parka Coats

Sampling & Bulk

We offer a sewing service for sampling, bulk and private orders.

We can also make pattern amendments or adjustments if things crop up in fits.

Get in contact to discuss pricing and your requirements.

Pin Hemmed Scarves